Nobility of the Elvish Kingdom

Grand Marshal Llenar Greenleaf
Lord of Betterbridge and Acting Reagent
LN Elf


Lord Protector of the Font Thomas Jerome Newton
Lord of Suffragette and Sovereign of Jareth
LE Human

Marcus Aurelius
Lord of Sea Dragon Point
CE Schmeckilidite

Jonos the Pious
Lord of the Sanctum of Bowie
LG Elf

Supporter of Thomas’ divine claims

Lord Titus Grundlegooch
Lord of the Gullet
LE Human Vampire

Repentant vampire
Converted to the cause of Thomas by strange dreams he had

Bracken of the Dank
Lord of Dankpool
??? Elf

Wants assistance defending his lands from the newly independent Emporium

Wyninn Swiftspear
Lord of Elftop
??? Elf

- Sister of Ismiril

Ismiril Swiftspear
Lord of Lolthridge
??? Elf

- Sister of Wyninn

Polo of the Mountains
Lord of Eaeflthwall
??? Human


Magnus the Tall
Lord of Coolsville
??? Gnome


Nobility of the Elvish Kingdom

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