The Life and Times of David Bowie

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Suffragette Castle is burned to the ground, and the Declaration of Indpendence is burned as a blunt...
The party infiltrates a gala event in disguise, and gains a powerful new friend...
Suffragette City is full of wonders, and a plot is revealed...
CHP 4: Puddles in the Dank
A mysterious Druid joins the party and the party is freed from slavery...

The party arrives into the Cave of Dingus and find themselves in a room that smells distinctly of dank. In the corner there is a small mass gently snoring. Unsure of what they had stumbled upon, Hasdrubul gives the lump and good jab and it is roused from sleep.

The halfing druid introduces himself as John Token, a druid well traveled from the dank lands. When further prodded on how or why he ended up in the cave or how he had evaded the army of dingus, he responds with incoherent babbling. For some reason the four agree to let him travel with them to suffragette city.

TVC15, ever the brazen one, leads the party through poisonous slime into a room filled with Oozing Black Slimes. They handily defeat most of them with Thalmous getting his money back from the bitchiest of the bunch and Token somehow convincing the last one to go away (though none in the party could understand what he said).

Reaching the exit eventually the party decides it would be a good idea to explore the dingus infested caves just a little longer. TVC15 leads the party descending down a nearly endless and unnecessarily curvy path as the chatting of dingi grows stronger from the slits in the floor. At the end he finds a destroyed robot and a mysterious and potentially dangerous software disk jutting out from its back. He un-cautiously slams the disk in to get a new attack.

Fearing the increase in activity the party hasilty makes its way out of the cave an into a vast jungle.

During the night a saber tooth tiger approaches the camp, intent on a meal, but Token growls rhythmically at it until it leaves. Minutes later, the screams of antelope howl through the trees and the party looks inquisitively at Token as he passes a mega fat blunt to his right. Puff Puff Pass.

In the morning they find the road and meet some elfs on a pilgramage to suffragette who recognizes Marcus. They get to chatting about being close friends who had not seen each other in a while when he mentions Marcus’ dead family. Unperturbed Marcus tells him that he at least has a memento in the for of all of their finger which he promptly shows him and begins to rant madly about all other gods but Bowie being Aliens. The elf excuses himself and his party and wish es Marcus the best of luck on his pilgrimage.

Arriving at the gates of Suffragette, they find a terrible clog in the road where no one can pass. To get to the front of the line they most solve the disputes of those in front of them. Hasdrubul the Despoiler heals a sickly man on the side of the road, TVC15 breaks up a fight between a priest of Macho Man and Hulk Hogan, Thomas Jerome Newton steals some ivory, and the druid convinces the gate keeper to let him pass and offers some weed to the captain of the guard. They are allowed to pass but Thomas lets the guards know that the merchant was trying to smuggle ivory into the city. Also, unbeknownst to the captain, his house was covered in swords and set ablaze with his wife and child inside.

They had arrived in Suffragette

4 become 5 and the party finds themselves amongst the Dingi...
The party sets off for Goldcrest, and the arenas of Suffragette...
4 wanderers begin work as slaves...

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