Nigel Dickenbutte

Former sellsword, now a Private Eye


Nigel Dickenbutte is a short, fat gnome with a burly orange mustache, along with a dragon tail that he tries his best to keep hidden. Born to the legendary gnome explorer Niles Dickenbutte and his dragonborn mistress Farideh, it is said Nigel inherited the looks of his father, but the temperament of his dragonborn mother. He spent his youth exploring the world, seeing everything from the Last Hearth of Werebear Island, the Library of Erotic City, and the dragon bones of Dragon’s Rest. He took in the stories and legends of these places, keeping journals of his own exploits, a trait inherited from his father. He eventually “settled down” in the Free City of Bonertown, founding the sellsword company The Fuccbois, who quickly became famous for their exploits among the Free Cities against the forces of Wresslen.

Age of Fate
During Bowie’s War, the Fuccbois could not withstand the combined forces of the united kingdoms, and each of the Free Cities fell. Nigel was decisively defeated during the sack of Bonertown, and his lieutenant, and lover, slain. As he fled he was cursed by a mage of Bowie, and both his physical appearance and vision became greyscale. Defeated he came to Funkytown, and settled into the life of a private eye, with his office located in the seediest part of town.

Age of Bowie
Hired to investigate the murder of Lord Grundlegooch.

Nigel Dickenbutte

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