Furry Yiffsgerald

The Khajiit manservant of Thomas Jerome Newton


NG Khajiit Manservant 5
Armor Class: 12
Hit Points: 35
Speed: 30ft

STR: 14 (2)
DEX: 10 (0)
CON: 10 (0)
INT: 6 (-2)
WIS: 7 (-2)
CHA: 20 (

Saving Throws: Str +4, Cha +7
Skills: Acrobatics +4, Performance +7
Senses: passive Perception 8
Languages: Common


Originally a small-time farmer in Elsweir, he was captured by slavers and eventually found his way to Suffragette City where he was purchased by Thomas Jerome Newton in a pet shop, and renamed to Furry Yiffsgerald and named as Thomas’ manservant. He wears a diamond encrusted thong as well as a pair of cufflinks and a small bowtie around his neck. He is not very intelligent, though is very strong, and is prone to making small effigies of Michael Jackson and attempting to hide them from others.

He is currently traveling with the party as the manservant of Thomas Jerome Newton.

Furry Yiffsgerald

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