Darude Sandstorm



LG Human Paladin


Darude Sandstorm was born the daughter of the High Magnate of the Twin Gates in E1258, but the life of of a noblewoman was not for her, and she stole away from the city in E1278 on a trading ship bound for Elsweir, eventually finding her way to the Endless Heat, where she became a paladin of the sun, defending villages from roving slavers and amassing a small group of dedicated warriors. She abandoned her previous name in an effort to hide herself from her father’s men, who were still searching for her, adopting the moniker Sandstorm.

Age of Fate
In E1286, while exploring a tomb deep in the Endless Heat, Darude was trapped in a room and separated from her party by a magical barrier. After attempting to free her only led to the death of five of her party, they were forced to head back into town, and couldn’t find the tomb again once they had assembled another rescue team.

Age of Bowie
The person that emerged 240 years later was not the same as the one who entered, and the few who saw her only reported a suit of armor with a red scarf blowing in the wind walking deeper into the wastes. The armor of Darude marched on, driven by some foul purpose, and the body inside was no longer breathing, a desiccated husk…

Darude Sandstorm

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